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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Boring through

I had an epiphany. It came as I reached the waistline of the wrapover raglan. Goodness, I thought, I wish I'd thought of something more entertaining to knit. While it was very satisfying to discover that I hadn't tossed out my maths skills with my school uniform, and that I can work out my own pattern, it turns out that the kind of thing I worked out wasn't the kind of thing I felt like knitting. So enjoy this (left), fans of unidentifiable masses of dark yarn (I know there are some of you out there, right?), because the next time you see a huddle of black stitches sitting on my needle, it will be something entirely different. Look (right)!

The problem with the raglan? Too much bloody stockinette. So why I thought this might be the ideal "alternative" project, I have no idea - except that a large amount of chunky yarn had come my way via the charity shops of Bath and inspiration was low. By the time I'd separated the body and sleeves, inspiration was threatening to pop her head in the gas oven and put an end to it all, so after a desultory start on a sleeve I heeded her cry for help and stopped the torture. The capelet is gone now, back to the ball of Sirdar Nova whence it came. I never expected to be the knitter who gets bored of stockinette, and I can only put it down to having been spoilt by the perfections of Matilda Jane and the joyful details which trick that cardigan out to make the simplest stitch into a fascinating knit (yes, she is finished; yes, she is lovely; no, you can't see her yet).

It turns out that there is a place for stockinette in my knitting bag, but not too much of it, and only with something about it to hold my interest. Now this is fun to knit, and the most fun part is finally being able to move the Noro Aurora out of my stash and onto the needles. My feelings on the virtues of stashing have been refined from "cautious" to "absolute horror" by having to lump my yarn collection halfway down the country and the knowledge that in less than five months I'll be moving all over again.


Queen of the froggers said...

I love the entrelac, must try to do that one day. You'll never want to move again after all the travels will you1

Seahorse said...

The entrelac looks fab.

Looking forward to seeing MJ!

Caroline M said...

Moving in five months - knit faster! Have you seen Brooklyin Tweed's Noro scarf - in two shades of a yarn with a long colour change it makes k1p1 rib look fantastic.

De said...

I'm currently doing a very similar scarf with Noro Silver Thaw - the colour change really does staunch stocking stitch boredom. Moving so soon? I huffed and puffed when I moved 4 miles across a city!

clarabelle said...

Glad to hear and see that the knitting has survived the move. But you're moving again? Phew.

Love the entrelac scarf - I must get around to knitting one... I think the pattern holds its shape so well - so many scarves just sort of curl up on themselves.

Helen said...

Love the entrelac. the colours work really well together.

Yes, I did a similar thing...finding my lace pattern a bit dull, so what do I cast on? A st/st jacket in sock yarn. Hmmmm.

Juno said...

Welcome back.

Matilda Jane was the perfect balance of stockinette with attention demanding detail, though the thing I'm doing now is good too. First the increases, then the short rows, then 6 inches of st st...then, thank jeebus, some cabled rib.

Unfortunately I LIKE plain sweaters, but not the knitting there of.